Light to the Nations is dedicated to providing access to traditional Jewish teachings and Biblical traditions, and news and insights on the rebuilding of the Temple and what is really happening in Israel today.

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As of August 1st, 2006
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Our purpose is to promote and teach the eternal Biblical values of Israel and to build a bridge of understanding between Jews and Gentiles, based on shared values and beliefs, common roots of faith, and the realization of the hand of G-d upon us all during these special days... the days of the beginning of the Ultimate Redemption, when we sense the prophetic fulfillment leading up to the arrival of the messiah and the complete Restoration - of Israel, of man’s faith, and ultimately, of G-d’s Honor and Kingdom. Light to the Nations seeks to teach, explore, guide and ask as we confront the question: “What can we do together to hasten the arrival of the messiah and to restore the Honor of the Creator of heaven and earth?”

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